Please wait for a moment, I'll go for the manager.

萩不吉匯和喘哂囂頁Please wait a moment. 盾瞥 please 哂[pli:z] 胆[pliz] int. 萩; vt. 網挫; 聞互佶; 聞諾吭; 網繁浪散; [箭鞘]Can you help us please? 嬬萩低逸逸厘断宅 wait 哂[weɪt] 胆[wet] vt. 吉棋; 吉昨; 喩峺海豚仇 ...

wait a minute

Just a minute / moment. Wait (for) a minute/ moment / little while. Hang on (for) a minute /second / tick. Wait on / Hold on. Hold on (for) a minute.

just a moment

One second, please. 萩公厘匯昼議扮寂。壓胆忽載械喘。埋隼傍頁匯昼徽寄社脅岑祇吭房凪糞祥頁吉厘匯和才扮寂短購狼短繁氏肇熟宸倖寔。勣頁哂猟音湊挫議三椎祥音匯協阻。 One/ Wait a moment, please. 醍軍不吉匯和。 Alright, I'll be ri...

不吉匯和 wait a minute

不吉匯和厘嬉倖窮三諒和 Wait a minute, let me make a call to ask.

富?┐靴腓Δ靴腓Γお棋┐泯ちください ちょっとお棋┐泯ちください 泌惚音頁彰囂侘塀辛參聞喘 ちょっと棋┐泯ってください

Please wait just a few minutes 哂猟 富?お棋ち和さい 晩囂 잠시만요. 昆囂 Warte mal, bitte. 蟻囂 Un instant, s'il vous plaît 隈囂 لحظة من فضل...

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